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The Milkmaid Braid & The Half French Braid Crown with Macadamia

As you know, if you read one of the latest blog posts, I have been experimenting with the wonderful Whipped Detailing Cream by Macadamia*. And I can now tell you surely: it's amazing!! Without much of my bickering, it has already convinced and seduced my sister and boyfriend.

So I decided to experiment two more easy 'dos on my sister's hair, which is slightly longer than mine.

I started by applied a reasonable amount of cream throughout all the hair, mainly on the front locks (4). Afterwards, I started doing the french braid, by the face line (5) and I end it as a regular braid when I get to the end of the head and run out of hair to join in (6). I used those tiny little elastic bands to tie the braids (sheer ones are better, but I couldn't get my hands on them at the time).

So, to do the milkmaid braid, you just take the end of the braids and unite them at the top of your head, fixing the hairdo subtly with bobby pins (a.9/a.10) and tcharaaaam, it's done (a.11)!

To do the half french braid crown, you take the end of one braid and pin it to the opposite side of your head, wrapping the braid around it and moulding it, and then do the same with the other braid, covering up your tracks as you go along for a smooth final look (b.9). (The longer your hair is, the further you will have to pin the braid down, but try to hide the end of one braid inside the other.) Love it!

(You can cut the tiny elastic bands off if you wish at the end, as long as it's properly pinned down.)

What do you think? Ever tried any of these easy 'dos that save the day?

*PR Sample