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The NEOGEN Peel Pads

It's not secret whatsoever, I've been dipping into the Korean skincare pool (I've even made two videos about it: cleansers & toners + moisturisers & eye creams).

And one of the brands I was most curious to try was NEOGEN. Their reputation precedes them and these peel pads just seemed to good to turn down.

The Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads* are HUGE humongous double-sided pads that will renew your skin and leave it oh-so-luminous!
The pads are soaked in the formula. SOAKED! There's so much "juice" at the bottom of the package that once I finish the pads, I'll still be able to use the rest of the liquid on my own cotton pads.

The Wine Pads* have resveratrol, extracted from fermented wine, which includes tartaric, glycolic and lactic acid as well - they help lightly exfoliate skin and speed up cell turnover.
Resvesratrol itself is a natural anti-oxidant which helps fight free radicals that cause pigmentations and wrinkles.
The pads are super duper gentle (even though alcohol denat. features the inci list right at the end and the fragrance is pretty strong and artificial; it doesn't really bother me much but beware though if you have sensitive noses) and there's no tingle or uncomfortableness at all.
RESULTS? Luminous skin that is gently renewed but still very much nourished and calm. My skin is rather sensitive to alcohol (I can't use Liquid Gold for once) but these don't upset my skin.

The Green Tea Pads* are not chemically exfoliating, so they're basically an essence and the only exfoliation you can get out of the product is the mechanical one from the muslim-cloth-like side of the pads.
They are, again, very gentle (even though alcohol denat. is way up in the list and the scent is again very artificial and quite strong - BUT I actually prefer this one and I find it rather soothing).
RESULTS? Refreshed and peaceful skin with a little glow from the essence-hydration. Again, not upsetting my sensitive skin either.

There's also a third tub of pads with a lemon scent, which do have all the acids the wine ones do but are less gentle and anti-aging and more refreshing and brightening (haven't tried them though).

Oh and you can rinse the essence out afterwards but I personally leave it in and I like that a lot better as I feel they work their magic for longer and the results are just overall more noticeable!

ALL IN ALL, these pads have a lot of reasons for me not to like them, yet my skin really loves them somehow!

I would prefer it if they did not have alcohol and just kept the fragrance... They don't sting or even tingle at all though, it's just a personal preference.
I alternate between these two and my regular BHA toner and pads for acne. I think I'd rather use these when my skin is clearer because BHA offers much better results for acne. But for glow, THESE ARE AWESOME!

*PR Samples