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The Pastel Spring Lip Edit

lipsticks for spring

I liked doing that post where I showed you all my favourite red lippies a lot (The Red Lip Edit, which, if you haven't checked out yet, you should ahah) and I think you did too.
So I decided to continue that idea throughout my lipstick stash - today we're doing the pastel (or somewhat light) Spring Lip Edit - the Spring/Summer strong shades for the lips post is yet to come.
The light washed me off completely and not even a blush tint is in sight on the photos so I apologize for looking like a ghost ahah

mac flamingo
Lustre Lipstick by MAC in the shade Flamingo
An adorable lipstick I bought from the limited edition collection All About Orange (it came out as permanent some time later). It's probably the pinkiest of that collection, being that it's a very light and sweet coral. I looks a bit more orange-y in the tube, but, over my strong rose lips, the pink prevails. It's super comfortable and easy to wear!

kiko pearly lavender
Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF15 by Kiko Cosmetics in the shade Pearly Lavender #819
This is more like a tinted balm, very shiny and comfortable with a strong vanilla scent and taste. I bought it aiming for the lavender tone, which my hand swatch showed me, but it ended up also being more pinky than promised. I actually quite liked the result (a cold and lilac-y pink) and decided to purchase my lilac opaque lipstick elsewhere. (Meanwhile, the lettring has vanished from the package.)

ilia dizzy
Lip Conditioner by ILIA in the shade Dizzy
This lipstick is a pastel orange that is such a sweetie pie! I love it and use it constantly... I am sorry that the formula does not agree with the name though. Instead of a true lip conditioner, here we have a waxy and very streaky formula that kind of tastes like crayons... It's complicated to find organic lipsticks with the same quality we're used to otherwise, and we can really see that in this one. I have another lipstick from the brand and it's not as bad as this one, but Dizzy is really difficult to apply evenly. However, I can't just stash it somewhere, as I do love the shade so much!

revlon strawberry shortcake

Colorburst Lip Butter by Revlon in the shade 080 Strawberry Shortcake
This balm has been mentioned on the blog before here (what a drastic hair change!!). And I still love it and use it. It's one of the only pink lipsticks that doesn't make my Barbie look come out. I admit there are very few pink shades I like to see on myself because most of them make me look too plastic. But this is a hit! And it's comfortable and practical.

lancome rouge in love 322M corail in love
Rouge In Love by Lancôme in the shade 322M Corail in Love
Similar to Flamingo, but a bit darker and more opaque. (And I have it with my name engraved!) I bought it when the blog started and I still adore it. Again, super easy to use and it's a cute coral that performs very well.

jouer tender
Moisturizing Lip Gloss by Jouer in the shade Tender
This gloss in mini version was offered in a Cult Beauty Goodie Bag and I must admit that, until then, I had not tried anything from the brand (which wasn't for lack of will). It's, in fact, a very discrete and pretty shade, a sheer neutral orange that plays well with everything, really. The formula is also quite comfortable, considering the type of product, and it's one of the only glosses I own - that alone should tell you something, right?

nars bolero
Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS in the shade Bolero
This lipstick in the shape of a pencil was one I courted for quite a while and it's my second matte pencil from NARS (the beautiful, amazing Train Bleu being the first one). It's a pastel version of a neon coral (which kinda makes no sense but is true nonetheless). I love, love, love it! The formula is actually comfortable for a matte pencil, but you really need to scrub your lips and moisturize hard when you use a matte or a pastel-colored lippie... So when you got both of those in one, the trouble is doubled. It's worth it though, for me, because the shade is so amazing!

revlon darling cherie
Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain by Revlon in the shade 010 Darling Chérie* This is the type of product I don't think I would've picked out myself. However, I like it a lot, more so because it's also pretty easy to use, mainly when I'm on a relaxed kind of day. It's similar to the Kiko one but sheerer and, despite the package, brings out the pink a bit more.

mac dodgy girl
Matte Lipstick by MAC from the Kelly Osbourne collection in the shade Dodgy Girl As soon as I saw this lipstick, I knew I had to have it! It's not as light as the other shades mentioned in this post, but it's not also a very bright color (it's actually kind of creamy-like) and, being a favourite, it had to be here. It's a matte lilac-pink (I truly don't know if this is a lilac-y pink or a pink-y lilac), very creamy and amazingly comfortable - and it always causes a good WOW impression! Love!

These are my picks, what are yours?

*PR Sample