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The Red Lip Edit

red lipsticks

Today I bring you, as you must've already figured out, my favourite lipsticks in shades of red. It was, after all, the first bright shade I tried on my lips in public (after wearing it down at home to get used to it) and, nowadays, it's my safety net and it never fails me.

burberry pink azalea
Lip Velvet by Burberry in the shade No. 308 Pink Azalea
This lipstick is a special tone of rosy-browny-red and honestly neither the photo nor my description does it justice. It's one of my all-time favourite lipstick, it's matte and it is my most coveted lipsticks (my sister insists on stealing it from me and she says the same, it's compliments everywhere!). It's super comfortable and easy to apply. even though it's matte, it's very soft and buttery. It's not one of my most longwearing lipsticks, but it does last longer than any shiny lipstick, of course. I blooming love it! The other day I thought I'd lost it and my whole word trembled.

estee lauder cranberry
Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick by Estée Lauder in the shade 53 Cranberry
This red is already a deep red and slightly brownish as well, but still with a very present blue undertone. These Estée Lauder lipsticks are super shiny and comfortable and they last a while, but being all that shiny, duration is not their strongest suit. I use this mostly in the winter and it never goes wrong.

estee lauder scarlet
Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick by Estée Lauder in the shade 62 Scarlet
This was my first red lipstick and probably the most used one, that's all there's left of it really. It's a blue undertone red and it slightly strays to a pinky shade. Again, it's super comfortable and shiny. I do think though that this range of lipsticks has been discontinued unfortunately, giving its place to the Pure Color Envy one.

rimmel kate moss 107
Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick by Rimmel London in the shade 107
One of my favourite winter shades as well. Strong blue undertone and already half-red, half-bordeaux. Matte, but not extremely, really comfortable and long lasting - and has a beautiful scent.

mac lady danger
Matte Lipstick by MAC in the shade Lady Danger A few weeks ago, I saw an episode of the new season of Hart of Dixie where Rachel Bilson was wearing a really neon red and I was just mesmerized - I don't know if this was the one she was wearing, but after a quick search, this was the most beautiful I could find and I wasn't wrong at all! I'd passed by it so many times but it had never really caught my eye until now. It's a bright neon red with a yellow undertone and it's, of course, matte. Really comfortable and soooo long lasting. If I don't eat, this might last me the whole day, no stress.

mac relentlessly red
Retro Matte Lipstick by MAC in the shade Relentlessly Red
This lipstick was on my wishlist for forever and it's finally mine! It's beautiful and pretty unique. It's a pink lisptick undercover as a red one and so adorable. It's from the Retro Matte range but its formula is much more like the regular Matte ones, because it's still a little buttery and easy to apply; and it's longlasting as well. It's a beautiful shade, specially for the beginning of Spring!

mac ruby woo
Retro Matte Lipstick by MAC in the shade Ruby Woo
This is one of the most famous lipsticks in the world. And it does not surprise me because it's a strong red with a deep blue undertone and it's absolutely, ridiculously matte. It's even a little hard to apply it decently at first try... And don't think, like I did (naïvely, I admit), that you'll use a little bit of lip balm before you apply it because, if there's any kind of moisture or slip on the lip, it just will not adhere! So it's a little drying, but I tend to apply a little matte lip balm on top carefully and it is worth the hassle!

make up for everred now n45
Rouge Artis Natural by Make Up For Ever in the shade N45 Red Now
This is a travel size lipstick that came in a Portuguese beauty box. It's a really soft and sheer rosy red. The truth is I would've never bought this because I'm not much of a sheer lipstick kinda gal, but I got to using it and now I really do enjoy it, specially in the spring and summer.

toshop gloss ink relentless
Gloss Ink by Topshop in the shade Relentless
I bought this gloss in London because I was just amazed with the swatch I did on my hand: it was completely, totally neon orange. It's still possible to get that shade on my lips if I apply concealer before I swatch it on, but it's just too messy and my lips are already pretty dry so I can't commit to that ritual. So I've always used it on my bare lips, where it's clearly a bright red with a blue-undertone as strange as it may seem. It's highly pigmented and, truth be told, I've used gloss formulas that are better, but this one is not bad at all, it's not tacky or sticky. It's also surprisingly long wearing - and the fade out is an adorable rose shade.

Here are mine, now tell me yours!
And which one of these is your favourite?