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the sad ghost club still sad beanie vinyl sticker pack sad ghost enamel pin long live the sad ghost
the sad ghost club you matter postcard pack
the sad ghost club postcard you matter postcard pack
the sad ghost club thoughts from a sad ghost comic book

A while back, I published a video about my depression story and my anxiety issues. It's something I still struggle with daily and I actually am taking a break on YouTube due to it.

But from that first video, I've gotten so many positive messages of support from you and also some of you thanking me for my honesty because you can relate and you feel better that you're not dealing with it alone. And that matters to me, so much! That is the whole reason I put my whole bare self online anyway and it warms my heart to know I've made some kind of difference, even if in just one person.

Well, a short while after that video went live, I found out about The Sad Ghost Club.
I was so impressed at what they're achieving and trying to do and the messages they're putting out there, I reached out to them.

They are a small creative project dedicated to bring awareness of several mental health issues to the public in a fun and endearing way. I can relate so much to that little ghost, it honestly makes me feel better when I see my thoughts so eloquently (yet basically) put on paper. It makes me truly feel like I'm not a freak and A LOT (a lot more than you'd think) people go through the same things and think the same way I do.

So they sent me a few of their items and I just feel like I wanna scream out to the world that they exist. Simply because they have been SO helpful to me on a personal level. Specially because I'm one of those people who doesn't speak out to intimate friends about what's going on. Sure, I have no problem putting it out there on the internet when I just have to look at the camera. But if someone looks me in the eye and asks me if something's wrong... Even if I feel broken beyond repair inside, I'll still smile and say "yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little stressed!". Which I know is not ideal. But it's me!

Anyway, stopping the rambling. They do all these amazing pieces. I really love the accessories they come out with, specially my Still Sad beanie. Which does make me feel rather special!

But my favourite item is the comics they create!
And you can even find some of them for free if you follow them on facebook or instagram.

They're just super insightful for anyone who's ever gone through depression, anxiety, loneliness and even extreme shyness and introvertness. But what I REALLY LOVE about The Sad Ghost Club is that they also reach out to the people who don't specifically suffer from these issues. They create awareness of what it's like to be feeling lonely and depressed and they guide people around them on how to treat us. That sounds a little weird... But can you believe not one of my close friends really came up to me and brought up the issue when I know they've watched my video? Because it's awkward. Because it's uncomfortable. Because they don't know what to say or do or hope for. Because they don't understand. And this project really lets people from the outside have a perspective of how we're feeling (even though it makes absolutely no sense sometimes... and that's okay).

Well, this was a long one...
But it's Monday!
And, for me, personally, Mondays are the worst when it comes to anxiety and leaving the house.
So I pour myself out to you!

They also do a few workshops and talks, so keep posted to their social media if you'd be interested in getting involved as well!

As always, if you struggle with these issues and you need someone to talk to (specially if it's someone virtual who can't actually look you in the eye): I'M HERE! Email me, message me anywhere, I'll be here! Promise x