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THIS WORKS Perfect Hands + Perfect Heels

Who of you isn't a bit guilty of, every once in a while, stealing your mom's cometics? Well, I am... Since I was a little girl... And I still do it! This duo by THIS WORKS was offered to me by the brand, with three other products, when I won a Mother's Day competition. But, as I was so curious about them, I couldn't resist testing them!

Perfect Hands Intense Moisture

This product's texture is pretty creamy and it smells likes roses (literally ahah) and old-school powder! It has "Rose Oil, Mimosa and Musk Mallow to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Larch extract to tighten the skin and Hyaluronic acid, Coconut and Glycerine to lock in moisture."
The truth is that the scent doesn't appeal to me, no sir! It smells a bit too much of a powdery rose, very vintage, but I think it's a bit overpowering! The scent is very long-lasting and it sickens me a little! However, if you enjoy this kind of scent, you'll love it! My mom does! :)
The cream itself is very nourishing and moisturizing enough for dry skin types... But I keep preferring my L'OCCITANE! Oh yes!
Rating: 4 / 5

Perfect Heels Rescue Balm

This product's texture is pretty different - it's a balm, as its very name says! Its scent is of lavender, above all! It has "regenerating Ecocert Cotton thistle, Lemon and soothing Lavender to help reconstruct the skin barrier."
I like the scent a lot, it smells like foot cream! Ahah
And I think it does a good job. I still love my SANCTUARY heel rescue balm, but this one is good competition!
Rating: 4.5 / 5

I am falling in love with this brand! Had you ever heard of it? Have you tried any product? Would you want to?