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TOP MASKS: Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey & Aésop Parsley Seed

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask & Aésop Parsley Seed masque

With my skin's recent change, my favourite masks also got a bit switched. However, even though my skin is always dehydrated and tight, I still need to purify because, deep down, my skin is acne-prone and there's no denying it. So here came these two:

Antipodes's Aura Manuka Honey Mask is described as hydrating and anti-oxidant and, at the same time, purifying and anti-bacteria. It sounds like a dream, right?
So it's really a very light cream that smells of vanilla and cinnamon with a touch of honey. As it acts, it is likely that you feel your skin very fresh and clean, which is amazing for a cream because it doesn't sting or dry the skin but it still really purifies it. You let it sit on your face for 15 mins and, when you wash it off, it'll unveil a very soft, clean baby skin - very nourished and hydrated as well. I highly recommend it to every single person alive, but mainly for acne-prone skin that is sensitive and for those dry, hypersensitive skin types that really do need a deep cleanse every once in a while. It's a really good alternative to clay masks (you can also use it as a topical treatment on pimples).

The Aésop Parsley Seed Masque though is quite diferent. The description is very similar as it also promises to deep cleanse while hydrating, but this time we're dealing with a clay mask - much, much softer and lighter than the traditional ones, but a clay mask nevertheless.
Well, I don't know what to tell you... Everything you've heard is true! After using this mask, no other clay mask is up to the task anymore. This is pretty light and finely ground, it's soothing (yet there may be some tingling) and I do feel my skin is super duper clean afterwards. I still see some redness in the most sensitive areas after I wash it off, but it's not uncomfortable and they don't itch. It's, without a doubt, well worth its weight!

I love using them separately and also together (first the Aésop and then the Antipodes) when my skin is really feeling slimy and dirty. But I do love 'em!
Have you ever tried any of these? Which is your favourite?