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Battle of the Body Butters

Who doesn't like body butters? I love 'em! And, because my body skin is super duper dry, I tend to experiment new nourishing butters all the time! And here are the three that are sharing my home now:

VASELINE's Cocoa Radiant: I've talked about this butter in the last (and first ahah) Empties post and I like it a lot. It's one of the really, really heavy ones that I only use at night time every once in a while on my legs (that are absurdly dry) and on extra dry patches and zones. I like the results a lot, and I am sure this is way beyond my 10th package - there's always one or more around the house. The scent is pretty sweet so, if you don't like sweet scents, this will probably be too much... But it's not a long-lasting scent! I actually love it! You know I'm a sweet scent kinda gal!

THE BODY SHOP's Raspberry Body Butter: Wonderful! A lot less heavy and thick than the last one, which makes it perfect for a summer day! And, even though it's not as heavy, it still is pretty nourishing and moisturizing! I am honestly obsessed with this texture... Hydrating and it has oils but still fresh and light! And the scent... Ooooh, the scent! I think you can't actually imagine my love affair with raspberry and its scent, but it's gigantic! I love the sweet raspberry scent that lasts and lasts and keeps on lasting! I get a sniff of it every time I move for a few hours after application! Huge surprise!! I love it!

NOURISH's Protect Nutri-Rich Body Butter*: Light but still creamy! I don't know if I'd describe this as a butter because, as you can see, it actually slides around in the jar so it's more liquid, not as thick and whipped as a butter. But it's still moisturizing! Maybe not as nourishing though... It's absorbed within seconds and the skin is lightly moisturized! It's definitely not enough for my lizard-like leg-skin (which was a surprise, since the name triggers a vision of thick, heavy and oily butter), but, for the rest of the body, I liked it! The scent is lemony-fresh, perfect for summer, but it doesn't last as much as the raspberry one! I love applying both in the morning! The raspberry one on the drier parts and this one on the rest of the body! Perfect combo! ;) You can get it at feelunique.com or at their official website.

Summing up, they're all awesome but different! They are, from right to left (in the pics), in order from thicker and heavier to lighter! All the scents are delicious - I know a lot of people disapprove of scented skincare but, specially in body products, I like me some scented treats! :p

Do you like body butters? Which one is your favorite? And have you tried any of the ones above?

*PR Sample