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Valentine's Day at LUSH

lush valentine's day unicorn horn prince charming the kiss lip balm lip scrub

I must admit I'm not very into Valentine's Day... It's a day like any other to me and it doesn't phase me much. However, these LUSH products have treated me well.
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use them because usually pink products for Valentine's have sickly fruity and berry scents that I can't stand to even be around. But I was wrong, I loved each and every scent.

Prince Charming* is already known from past years and it's a bright pink shower cream. It has a super sweet vanilla-based scent and it's slightly fruity but not in a sickening way and not in a berry way either, "with pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil". Now all my family loves LUSH's shower creams, we still have one Lord of Misrule around and this one came to join it. I must admit I only use them when my skin is not super sensitive because I have atopic skin and the sulfates in them make me a bit itchy sometimes. But I do love the scent that takes over the bathroom and your body.

The Kiss duo has and an identical scent. The lip balm** is a weird product... When it arrived, I loved it right away! It's a kind of butter that melts when it touches your lips and nourishes them, but it does have a tint that I don't appreciate (baby pink with shimmer). I was ready to use it at home because it's that good but it is so buttery that I cannot control it with the stick twist, I ended up having to throw a bit of it away because it just wouldn't twist back inside... So, I do love the formula, but it should come in a pot. The lip scrub** however, I simply adored. I already had one LUSH lip scrub that I loved but needed replacement and this one is wonderful. It's sweet and salty at the same time and it has tiny red hearts in it. Adorable!

Finally, my favourite product is the Unicorn Horn*. As soon as I opened the box, I felt the amazingly intense lavender scent emanating from it, which I LOVE. I found it weird that this was a scent they chose for Valentine's Day but I am so glad they did. I love the scent! The horn is a shimmery bubble bar that is rather creamy, with ylang ylang and neroli oils. Some bubble bars are also quite heavy on sulfates and irritate my legs mostly, but this one did not at all.

This collection (with a few more products in it) is already available at LUSH. There's also another product (this one from the permanent collection) featured on this campaign: the Soft Coeur massage bar, which is deliciously smelling and so cocooning, specially in this horrible winter weather.
These are, of course, great treats for Valentine's Day that can be enjoyed even as a couple wink wink, I certainly wouldn't mind getting more of them.
Have you checked your LUSH store for these?