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VITL Essentials 2: Daily Duo of Supplements

vitl daily duo of supplements
vitl daily duo of supplements

If you're a regular follower of mine, you know how much I love food supplements. I love all kind of vitamin capsules and I do believe they do so much for you! I cannot go without fish oil and probiotics (at the very least)!!

When I was in the pits of my last depressive episode, I lost all appetite and lost a lot of weight too. By the end of it, I was weighing 45kg - which is a number I hadn't seen in my scale since middle school.
All food would make me sick and it didn't taste good, I just didn't feel like eating at all. If I could, I'd eat just a handful of biscuits the whole day and I'd be "fine".

It was getting out of control and I didn't want to dip below the 45 mark so, even though I had already started my antidepressants, as they take a minimum of 30 days to show results, I was advised to pair them with a multivitamin - which not only would allegedly spice up my appetite but also keep me well nourished even if I wasn't getting the vitamins from food.

That's when this Daily Duo of Supplements box* I had here from VITL became my best friend! Not only does it offer a powder multivitamin capsule, but it's coupled with a softgel of what?? Omega 3 from Krill Oil!!

It's absolutely the best because it's so handy and easy to carry around in your purse and it also allows for tracking. I often forget if I've taken my vitamins or not and with the week days written I always know if I've already taken them or if I missed a day.

Now, obviously my medication eventually kicked in and my appetite came back. But I swear to you that this helped a lot too! I felt a bit stronger even when I wasn't eating that much, less tired and more energetic. And the fish oil also helped my skin become even clearer than it was before!

I absolutely recommend this!
And I'm actually excited to order my next box. Though I gotta admit I'm eyeing its upgrade: the 4 Daily Supplements (it has the two capsules from the Duo box + 1 Magnesium Calcium Complex + 1 Supergreens, which really intrigues me because it's also great for skin).

What about you?
Are you a vitamin enthusiast like myself? And have you tried VITL?

* PR Sample