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ZOEVA Cocoa Blend

zoeva cocoa blend palette
zoeva cocoa blend swatches

As you must've already figured out, even though I love makeup, I don't like really polished looks on me... I'd rather see a messy smokey eye or just a neutral and toned down look. And, because I've been going through a real copper/reddish eyeshadow obsession (much influenced by Anna, I believe), when Zoeva launched their Cocoa Blend palette, I had to buy it straight away!

I already had their Naturally Yours palette. But I believe there was a bit of a jump here as I find these eye shadows are better than the ones I'd tried before... I think these are creamier and more pigmented.
The Pure Ganache one has an extremely buttery texture that is delicious to apply and blend, which is actually quite surprising, being that it's so glittery.
The only shade I thought I was not going to like, I ended up loving on the eye - Delicate Acidity, which, unfortunately, does not translate well into photo; it seems like a shimmery dark grey-purple on the pan but it's really a beautiful deep greyish brown with chromatic purple shimmer that evokes taupe and silver. A complex definition for a complex shade. I love it!

What do you think of this palette?
I love it and I admit it has tempted me to explore more colour for the eyes (which I usually tone down a bit).