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ZOEVA Luxury Set Rose Golden III

ZOEVA Luxury Set Rose Golden III
ZOEVA Luxury Set Rose Golden III
ZOEVA Luxury Set Rose Golden III

(left to right) first photo: 142, 109, 103 | second photo: 317, 228, 234 | third photo: 129, 114

If you follow me on instagram (@raquelsmx) you know by now I received this stunning Zoeva kit (and their new contour palette) last week. I'd seen a couple of pics and I was dead in love. Coincidently, because I do own the Rose Golden Vol. II Complete Eye Set, I only had three of these.

I must start by saying this Luxury Set in Rose Golden Vol. III* will be a bit pricier at 95€. However, and I still don't know if this was intentional, there was a clear upgrade in the quality and softness of these brushes. I'm not even kidding when I say these are the softest brushes I have ever worked with. And I wasn't the only one to notice, as soon as my little sister touched them, even before I said anything, she went "oh they're so much softer".

So I'll start with the 142 Concealer Buffer. I had previously mentioned it before many times, specially in videos, because it was the first under eye buffer I encountered, and buffers have really changed the foundation game (does anybody even use flat brushes anymore!?). I love it and I noticed the softness difference specially in this one - I have the RG II version and my sister has the classic version; hers is softer than mine but this one is even softer. Sometimes, because my under eye are is paper thin and super sensitive, the Vol. II would scratch a little bit, this version does not, at all - it's a tiny fluffy cloud. Synthetic hair.
The 109 Face Paint Vegan is, as you can probably guess, a contour brush. It was on my wishlist for so long and it did not disappoint. It's slender and dense, so it's great for that cheek contour, specially with creamy products. You can use it with powder, but there are better brushes for that in my opinion. Fluffiness to the max, buffs and defines like a dream. Synthetic hair.
And then we have the 103 Defined Buffer. I have the classic 102 Silk Finish and this one is much softer and denser, so it offers great coverage for those who need it (me, always!) and it really works the foundation in, no streaking or scratching. Synthetic hair.

The 317 Wing Liner was actually recently introduced to me by my little sister, who bought the classic one and wouldn't shut up about how perfect it was. And it is! Dense enough and precise, easy to manoeuvre and super practical to get that sharp wing. Synthetic hair.
The 228 Luxe Crease is an old favourite in my house and, again, it's softer than the previous version. A classic no-nonsense brush that smokes out the crease and eases the colour into the transition shade. Natural-synthetic hair blend.
The 234 Luxe Smokey Shader is also known here. Again, softer. It's that one brush I grab when I need to deposit colour on my lid. Perfect! Natural-synthetic hair blend.

Finally, we're down to the 129 Luxe Fan, which had also been on my wishlist because I'm always watching Nikkie highlight her face with these fan brushes. Super fluffy! I used to use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to highlight, which is kind of a smaller version of the 114 Luxe Face Focus. I prefer the 114 to the RT though because it's so much softer, it's unbelievable. Here, I use the 129 for a more disperse and wide highlighting, when I go for the whole cheek in a subtle way, and the 114 when I want to highlight specific parts of my face - like my cheek bones, brow bones, nose or cupid's bow. Both are a blend of natural-synthetic hair.

Honestly, I can't stop looking at them, they're so pretty!!! And then they come with this pretty roomy faux leather clutch - really high quality stuff as well. Lush touch and I've been carrying the Rose Golden II mini-clutch everywhere and not one flake, stitch or letter has popped out!
To sum up, I already loved the Zoeva brushes, but these are even better than the ones I already had and, considering the absurd quality, they're so worth the price tag, specially comparing with other high quality brands.
What do you think? Will you get this set?
Do you own any Zoeva brush or set? How do you get along with them?

This set and the contour palette will come out on the 29th of February.

*PR Sample