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Zoeva's Muted Colours

zoeva matte spectrum palette
zoeva matte spectrum palette
zoeva matte spectrum swatches
zoeva matte spectrum swatches
zoeva matte spectrum swatches

Zoeva is just one of those brands... They're always releasing new stuff and it doesn't ever get old (like, for example, the Naked palettes which have found themselves in a rut).

But this brand just comes out with amazing things all the time and they're all unique and different and very unlike most of what you can already find in the market.

Case in point: the Matte Spectrum*!
I have to say, I have so much makeup, so many items... It's definitely hard for me to be very excited about a makeup palette! Even the ones I do get excited about a little, when I take a hard look at the individual shades, I realise I already have dupes for at least 90% of the palette. But NOT THIS ONE!
Definitely not this one!

Why is the Matte Spectrum so great?
Well, quality aside (which is pretty astounding), the shade range is just very unique. If you take a good look at it, it's a palette of bright colours, but muted!! Key word here is muted because I find myself sometimes wanting to use a lot more colour on my eyes. But I feel that when I do that I almost always put a strain on my outfit for it all not to be too much! (And I'm all for popping outfits as well lol)

So when you get to have the usual "bright" colours in a muted state, they're SO much easier to use without clashing with anything and everything!!

So, personal feelings aside, the eyeshadow quality here is freaking blossoming amazing!
There's not ONE eyeshadow here that I think is bad. Which is rare for a matte palette!

But they are a bit different, I divided them in three good groups, you can see some of them even crumble on the arm swatch from how creamy they are:

  • very buttery: 010 - 020 - 030 - 040 - 050 - 100 - 150

  • somewhat buttery: 060 - 070 - 080 - 110 - 120

  • regular texture, a little dryer but still very pigmented and not even slightly chalky: 90 - 130 - 140

They're all very easy to blend and very workable, SUPER pigmented and long lasting!

This, for me, is a hit!!
And a no-miss palette for your stash if you've ever yearned for colour but are afraid of the brightness that comes with it!

What do you guys think?
Is this something you'd go for? And how do you feel about the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes in general?

*PR Sample